Travel Talks Podcast - Episode 2

London is such a large and exciting city, how can you start to look around for things to do?

While I only made a small dent in the list of places to go, there’s so much more to do in the city of London. in this episode, I talk about the different museum and concert venues I enjoyed visiting during my stay in the city.

The museums in the city of London are mostly free admission, with an encouragement to provide a small donation. This was a main motivator for me to visit as many as possible. In Philadelphia, most museums charge incredible amounts of money for admission. In London, that’s not the case. When you have so much free access to fascinating artifacts, why wouldn’t you go to as many as possible?

I also talk about the different concert venues that I enjoyed visiting during my stay. As an avid concert-goer and live music photographer, I made sure to take in the local music scene.

Finally, what is a podcast about things to do without talking about food? As a multicultural city, London has an incredible number of different types of cuisine, and there’s something for everyone. I wish I could have gone to more restaurants, but on a student budget, that wasn’t as possible as I’d have liked it to be. However, I still made sure to visit a few places!